Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cowboy in the family......

Well, Thane found an old straw cowboy hat of Tim's and has laid claim to it. He also has borrowed a belt and holster for the pistol that Tim cut him out of a scrap piece of mdf. We went up to Dubois this morning for breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe and Thane fit the part. In fact he was the only one in the whole place with a cowboy hat. Then on the way home we stopped so he could herd some cattle on his trusty jackalope.

Cowboy Joe and his trusty broom horse Ben

Two free range eggs overeasy, please

Hanging out with the sheep

All American Cowboy 2007

Hold on tight, Jackalope are known to buck

End of the Trail; Cowboy putting books back into his backpack

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