Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June Happenings.....

Well I've been home two weeks out of the three that I have off and today was the first full day that I didn't work on one of our many projects. Aside from all of the farm chores I have to do while Sandi is off riding horses in Oregon, today we went for a drive to Girdwood. It was a nice break from working on the timbers for the barn but I think I'm more tired from driving than working, although we did pick up two tons of hay on the way home (loaded one bail at a time by hand), so maybe I didn't get the whole day off.

I flew Matt who is a timberframer for Maine Barn Company up for two weeks and have worked him every day until today, so we decided to do some sight seeing. It was good because it turned out to be a beautiful day to drive down Turnagain Arm and the overcast skies that we left this morning were clear when we got back. We stopped by one of Alaska Timberframe's Jobsites and watched the crew raise part of a real nice Doug Fir Timberframe House while we were in Girdwood.

Here are a few pictures of our progress on our timberframe barn.

Luckily the second we were getting ready to leave to take Sandi to town for her Oregon trip our pregnant Alpaca decided to give birth. This was lucky on her part because I'm sure it would have been much more traumatic for her if it would have been Matt and I here to help her rather than Sandi.

The last two summers we have had baby boy alpacas so we were hoping for a girl this year but instead we got a beautiful little black boy whom Thane has given the name "NILE". Thane has named all of our baby alpacas so far, the first was when he was two and the alpaca was named "Riot Bob Dango", the second he named when he was age three was "I Don't Know" who we call "Donny", so this year it was Nile.

I spent my first three days finishing my outdoor fireplace. I spent all three days making molds and pouring concrete but not it is all cast and just needs to be polished. Luckily a little polishing didn't keep us from using it, and it works quite well.