Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kayaking with my new helmet cam!

I have been pretty busy since my last post but haven't made time to put anything on here. I have done a little work on the barn but we are having a literal heat wave and have had 60 to 70 degree weather for the last two weeks. All of our rivers are running about two weeks ahead of schedule so my priority has been on whitewater kayaking. I bought a new helmet cam and have been videoing every run. I'll post a few tonight and try to get some more in the next few days along with some barn photos.

Enjoy .

Playing on Willow Creek

Little Susitna River May 12th

Little Su again...

First Canyon of Six Mile Creek.

We had to hike around the hardest section due to a log being stuck across the whole canyon, so this is the lower section of the first canyon. Notice my lines could have been better.

This is the first half of the Second Canyon. Compared to the Willow and Little Su, Six Mile has a lot higher volume of water and the canyons are very deep with lots of big boils.