Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Into America....

Well, when I woke up this morning I was in Wyoming. I had about four days at home to try and get my bearings and try to figure out what day was what. I'm still not sure which time zone my body is currently using. We are in western Wyoming (Lander to be exact) for Christmas with Sandi's family. Today we went in search of a Christmas tree. Unlike at home where you can just walk out into the woods and take whatever tree suits you; here in civilization you get a permit from the forest service and then go onto forest service land and find a suitable tree. I could have saved us all a bunch of time as I picked out a really nice (already decorated with lights and everything) tree in someones yard on the way from the airport last night. Since nobody really liked my idea off to the forest we went.

On the way to find a Christmas tree.

Yup, I was pretty sure it was Wyoming but this proves it....

Into the trees we go.....

Sandi, Thane, and Stefani on break from tree scouting..

Sandi and Dawson De Dawg

As Tim puts the saw together for the task, the tree gets nervous.

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