Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas.......

It has been an exciting fun filled week here in Lander. We have had two snowstorms and a lot of blue sky. Thane learned how to ice skate at the town rink (terrible ice) and I had to remember how to skate, it has been at least eighteen years since I have been on ice skates. I don't know how long it has been for Sandi but she was rustier than I was and very unhappy when anyone grabbed a hold of her while she was moving.

After the first snowstorm a snowman was made on the railing of Tim and Stefani's front porch. Sometime afterwards, two pointy ears were added and then he was referred to as snow bunny, but after two days of intense sunshine snow bunny ended his own life and dived off of the railing into the snowy abyss below. In my grief I created snow bunny two. I thought he resembled a real rabbit much more than the first snow bunny did; however everyone here referred to him as "Snow Pig". An unfair name in my book since Snow Pig was very cute and loved by all. Unfortunately on Christmas Eve when Tim and Stefani went to the store to get supplies for Christmas Dinner, Gran and I took the liberty of stringing Christmas lights all over the front of their house (so much for their non decorating tradition) and also found a nice Christmas candle for Snow Pig to hold. Once lit and forgotten about, Snow pig was badly burned to the point of requiring snow skin grafts. After the second snow storm and again an intense day of sunshine Snow Pig also dived into the snowy abyss beyond the railing of the front porch. Proving that snow is no match for the intense sunshine of the great Rocky Mountains.
So in reality it has been a little slow around here. Slow but nice, with a lot of food to eat. I have never been so tired from doing so little. I keep trying to convince myself that it is the altitude that is making me feel lethargic and not all the junk I have been eating.

We had a good Christmas Day but unfortunately Thane had some sort of virus on Christmas Eve that had him up sick about every twenty minutes all night long. Instead of listening for Santa he was listening to his stomach to tell him when he needed to make for the bathroom. Poor little guy was wiped out this morning but was still ready and excited to open presents. Kids are amazing.

It snowed all night, about six inches in all. So after breakfast, presents, and a little visiting we headed outside into the sunshine for a little snowball fight. Ever wanted to whop your Mother-in-Law with a snowball? I didn't either; but I will admit I might have accidentally walloped her at least one good one. My (possible) direct hit was nothing however compared to Thane's sacking her on the edge of the porch. His body weight hit her a little low and she went sailing. It was definitely Superbowl material! Aside from that we had a nice quiet day with way too much food and great company.

Unfortunately it is time to head for home tomorrow but we really enjoyed our stay and the time to relax with family in the wonderful Wyoming sunshine.

Thane on his first day of ice skating.

A little tired but still on his feet.

Sandi, Thane, and I on an outing in the great Wyoming sunshine.

Some Alaska Wildlife in Wyoming.

Thane's loot from Santa.

Snow Pig before the required Snow Skin Grafts.

Stefani, Gran, Sandi, and Thane lazing about on Christmas day.

Thane, the center of attention on Christmas Day.

Thane's Sacking of Gran, not bad for a 48lb little guy.

A blue sky day in Lander Wyoming after a whole night of snowfall.

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