Friday, March 07, 2008

Still windy but warming up...

I'd expect the Sahara to be warmer this time of the year. It is really windy and still a bit cool except around noon but at least the sand is soft. Well semi-soft anyhow; there was one slope on a northern exposure that I fell on today that was still rock hard from the last rain that brought a tear to my eye and a bruise to my arse. After I finished my sobbing I took my sandboard to a southern slope that was nice and soft and in the sunshine. I think I'm going to require a dental mirror and pick to to remove all of the grains of sand from each of my bodily crevices.
This is actually a nice relaxing way to spend my lunch hour every day. Plus I don't eat near as much.
Here is a video of the wind at the top of the dune.

This was in the middle of a sandstorm, boy was it windy up there

The little black dot at the top of the tracks is a beetle that I was following. I thought his tracks in the sand looked really cool.

My tracks in the sand