Saturday, March 08, 2008

The changing sand...

Every day the sand is different, some days it is completely smooth without even a ripple and some days it looks like a washboard. Today the weather was great and was my best day of riding so far. I hope the weather maintains about the same until I leave, it is perfect. Although most of the locals are still wearing their coats all day, it is like a hot summer day to me.

I think I've got the wax situation finally figured out. Today I made five trips up the dune and Saturday I made seven treks up the dune, four at lunch and three more in the evening. This dune is like the ultimate natural StairMaster; with each step you gain between a quarter and a half step of forward movement, if you are lucky. If I keep this up I might be able to get back into decent shape.
I harp on Hans everyday to get him to go with me but he says that he moved from Switzerland to Houston to get away from having to climb any more mountains. This is Bob's first trip to site and he went with me Saturday evening, I told him about the easier route but he followed me right up the middle. I think he was a little tired at the top but I'm impressed he made it up as fast as he did.

Saturday was the first time since my first trip last year that I have been on top of the dune for sunset. It is really quite amazing to watch the shadows on the dunes as the sun sets.

You get a little vertigo while climbing because if you look at the ripples long enough they look like black spray paint.

The sun getting ready to set.

Bob on his way up the dune.

Bob at the top.


sandi said...

great sand pics!

Nanc said...


These pictures are beautiful. It looks like a very interesting place.
What a great adventure!