Friday, February 15, 2008

Time to leave again???

So much for my two weeks off. I got a call from Hans yesterday morning asking if I could make it to a meeting on Monday morning regarding the project we have been assisting with. I really wasn't ready to go anywhere just yet, but it is in Florence and since I only got one day last time I couldn't say no. It is only for about four days so hopefully I'll get to come home for five or six days before I have to go back to Algeria again. I don't mind the traveling so much but Thane isn't really excited about me being gone all the time. I guess I'll have to make up for it this summer when I take my vacation.

Since I only had a couple of days at home and we have a bunch of nice new snow I had to go for a short ride today. It is pretty nice to be able to be away from it all in less than five minutes from home.

Fresh fluffy untracked powder.....

So much for the untracked part.....

I stepped off to almost waist deep snow, and this swamp sees alot of wind too!

If a tree falls in the woods and you get stuck on it with nobody else around, do you still whine?

Nice blue sky backdrop.

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Nanc said...

Nice pictures...I really enjoy your blog! So, how do I get Warren hooked up for a meeting in Florence???