Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home again....

Well I survived my two weeks in the arctic without turning into a popsicle. At least when I am at work I expect it to be cold but while I was there we had a cold snap at home too. Conveniently since I came home today it warmed up to aout 36 degrees so hopefully it stays close to this temperature. I had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to -38 degrees at work.
We just booked our tickets to the Western Timberframers conference in Couerdelane Idaho so I am kind of looking forward to seeing a little sunshine, green grass, and warm weather। After Idaho we are going to take a detour to Kentucky for the Rolex 3 day equestrian event। I got the tickets for Sandi for her birthday but I am concerned that after she sees some of the horse farms down there I'll have to take up a collection or hold a bake sale to buy her some acreage where there isn't eight feet of snow at the end of March. It snowed a little more here at home while I was gone so hopefully after the next few days I'll have a few good pictures of us playing in the snow.
Here are the websites to both events:

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