Sunday, January 06, 2008

A little snow would be nice...

It is pretty unbeliveable that we live in Alaska and can't get any snow! The North East is having a record snow year, Northern California and Tahoe are getting tons, and to top it all off Iran was just crippled with about a foot or more of snow this morning! I told Thane to do a snow dance and see if it would help us out.
Since we don't have much snow to play in, going back to work was a little easier than it would have been had there been six feet of new snow on the ground. Hopefully by the time I get home we will have had our turn for snow and gotten six or twelve feet, although two feet would be great!

The world is an amazing place and I can't get over how fast we can traverse the globe. Friday afternoon I was riding my snowmachine around the snow covered (barely) lakes and swamps across the road from my house and last night I was standing in front of Big Ben in London. It takes only about fourteen hours to fly from Anchorage to London, but with the time change it is more like 23 hours. Still it is funny to think that Friday I was alone in the middle of nowhere and yesterday I was in the middle of a city of 7 million people on a whole different continent. It is a lot of flying but it sure beats taking a boat!

After Christmas I got an invitation to go back to Algeria for one more trip and since I'm not sure I am ready for minus 30 just yet one more trip to the desert sounded ok. Since I haven't had time to go snowboarding at home I bought a sandboard to bring with me so at least I can take advantage of the trip down everyday I climb the dune. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have had a chance to try it out. I'm planning to be a lot more conservative in the sand than I am in the snow, sand isn't near as soft as powder snow and it also doesn't melt when it is packed into your nose.

Well, I'm off to catch a flight from London to Hassi Messaoud, Algeria. Funny to think on Friday I was in the middle of nowhere in Alaska and this afternoon I'll be in the middle of nowhere in Algeria!

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Anonymous said...

At least your middle of nowhere is warm! -34 on the slope yesterday, so said your dad when he called, and I thought my 0 was coolish.
Remember that snow has another advantage over sand--no sandpaper effect when you wipe out!
Take care and have fun and no, we didn't get snow like the weatherman said........
love ya', mom