Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Flooding.......Mother Natures House Cleaning

I got home from work Monday night and finally got to go kayaking today. TJ (my sister) and I ran Willow Creek today for the first time since the water level has come back down from flood stage. It is amazing how high the water got last week and it is even more amazing how much cleaner the whole creek looks. All of the rock walls were polished clean of all the moss and other vegetation. All of the little nooks and crannies in the rock walls that had filled with sand over the years have been emptied, and beaches that were covered with cobblestones and sand have had all of the sand washed away. There is one beach that used to be mostly rock and some sand is now piled high with sand. If we had a little sun it would be a great place to lay around all day. Lower downstream out of the canyon all of the overhanging brush has been cleaned away from the riverbanks. The creek looks like it had the cleaning and gardening crew from Disneyland spend a month cleaning the rocks and pruning the brush.

It was a beautiful day on the water, although every day on the water is beautiful. I am probably the only one around that wouldn't be upset if it decided to rain some more.

Here is a couple pictures of TJ and I on the Cowichan river on Vancouver Island BC last April.


jan peterson said...

My, what good looking children I have!
Your lucky mother

jan peterson said...

Oh, I forgot talented too!

jan peterson said...

Tyson........have sent several comments and it shows none have been received yet.....what gives? mom