Saturday, August 26, 2006


Thirty three degrees and breezy. We walked on the runway tonight and it was sure chilly. The grass has almost all turned brown and all of the duckling's are quite big and getting ready for their trek south. The closer winter gets, the closer I am to renting a beach house somewhere. If we could farm out the dogs and fit the alpacas and horse into a big duffel bag, we could head for the beach.
Actually we are probably going to go to Maine and enjoy the fall colors the last of October and first of November so I guess the beaches will have to wait.

With fall comes hunting season. Hunting season means that most of the animals start heading down out of the mountains and into the trees for a little cover and to spend the winter. Sandi sent me a picture she took last week, she thought that SHE had finally captured Bigfoot on film for real,lurking in the woods........

After all of the
excitement it
turns out it was
just me peeling a
willow for roasting

So much for fame and fortune! I don't think this picture will make it into mysteries of the unexplained, but I think people that know me are pretty sure that I could.

I have been watching the water levels drop on the USGS realtime gauges all week. A welcome sight for those who's property flooded last week, but a disappointment for me because I think by the time I get home the levels will be back to where they were when I left. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a day or two out of it.

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