Saturday, December 10, 2005

Or is it the ice cream and pastries causing laziness?

Could it be the ice cream or the cookies, or maybe the really good pastries the baker has been making. I am not sure but I do know my motivation has been pretty low lately.

I did actually get some pretty amazing pieces of concrete molded for a fireplace surround. The have many compound angles and were pretty tricky but turned out pretty good. I will post some pictures soon.

I finally decided working in the cold is really not any fun so we are going to build a shop/barn this summer. It was cold the last time I was at home and it seemed everything I had to work on was frozen. I had my truck full of sand and aggregate from mixing concrete and what was left froze in the back of my truck and I had to chop it out with a splitting maul. If I would have had a warm place for my truck it would have taken a lot less effort.

I will be at work for Christmas so anyone that was going to send me presents at home can just give them to Saint Nick and he can drop them off on his way over.

Rachelle told me that Sydney is not allowed to say Merry Christmas at her school, it has to be happy holidays. It amazes me that as over commercialized as Christmas has become in our country that we aren't even supposed to refer to as Christmas anymore. I say get rid of the commercialization and let everyone continue saying Merry Christmas and there would probably be a lot more happy people in the world. At least then nobody would be let down when they didn't get a gift from me!

Well I haven't thought of to much to say lately but I am trying to get back into the writing mood.

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