Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Lights of the North Pole are bright!

Just over the horizon I can see the glow of lights from the North Pole. If you listen verrry closely you can hear the elves calling out children's names as they load the toys into the sleigh. The only thing I was able to make out today was that they were loading a big box of tissue for Ted Stevens, since all of his opponents got their early present today.

Rudolph has the gang ready to go, they have been doing touch and go's on all of our roof tops getting all practiced up. Time is getting short and they really need the practice. The first attempt they made cost Donner his front left leg and us a satellite dish! He is going to be out on medical until next year. Luckily for him he filed his claim before they cut the medicaid budget.

I am keeping the faith that they will be ready on Saturday though.

I'll keep you posted.


friend said...

Merry Christmas - and help that Santa dude out.

Anonymous said...

A Blessed Christmas to all of your Family. Please tell you Dad/Mother/Rachelle/Sidney for me

It was 30f here in Florida yesterday...

Harriet Jones

Rachelle said...

You are nuts!!! Like the Donner bit... where did you come up with that?? Like the satellite part - very creative!
Poor Uncle Ted needed more than tissue that day :(