Monday, September 05, 2005

Today was a cool 100+ Degree day here in Phoenix. I mostly spent the day at my cousin Ben and his wife Mandy's house. They have the three kids that I was talking about yesterday. Their son Noah is seven (I think) and a great kid, but I have a boy already, it is their two girls that I am ready to take home with me. I asked the girls if they wanted to go home with me, so they got their shoes, brought me mine and said lets go.
I thought I had gotten past wanting a second child (although I have wanted two for a long time) now that we are done changing diapers, but these girls would make a person with the strongest convictions reconsider.

I talked to the sales guy today and he says he is getting the van licensed at eight am tomorrow. I have to pick up my friend Chris who is flying into Phoenix from Portland at nine am, so hopefully by the time we get back from the airport the van will be ready to go. If not I will get to attend the 2005 Peterson Family Reunion this weekend while awaiting my araingment hearing!

If all goes well tomorrow we will he headed out of Phoenix after lunch. Unfortunately all of the family starts arriving tomorrow evening. Well I left them all a little fresh smoked Kenai River Red Salmon that I brought down so at least I could contribute something.


Anonymous said...

Hey you lost your last blog - you got to add a new post rather than delete it each time. Uggg - where did your last one go?

Anonymous said...

never mind I see it now

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