Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Leaving Phoenix?

Well it is Tuesday morning so I am off to get Chris from the airport then see if we can break the land speed record from Phoenix to Portland. Although we still haven't taken delivery of the van yet. It could be a foot race.

Chris made it in right on time, however the sales guy had promised me that he would be on the doorstep of DMV at eight am and I called him at nine thirty and he had not made it yet. I am currently looking for a music store close by. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which size piano string is best for strangulation? I have decided that if I don't here from him soon I will just turn my Aunt Kay loose on him and he will wish he only had me to deal with!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At 9:25 am on Tuesday, September 6th at the Alpine OIlfield, Shannon Marler "came out of the closet." We had all been suspicious and our theories were correct. OUr thoughts and prayers go out to Shannons.