Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today is the day!

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life......
Oh yea, and the day I decided to stop letting my body keep heading downhill. I have been trying to point my mind in an uphill direction since Dad went through his aneurysm fiasco. I decided then that life really is to short to worry about all of the things that I have no control over and focus on the things that are most important to me, ie. Family, mental health and finally I have decided that I have to stop being lazy and work on my physical health.

Yoga, wow! My experience with yoga this far is that it really hurts! That and I am not sure how to get my leg out from behind my head now that I got it there. I bought a yoga box at the book store last week that has 2 CD's and about 150 flash cards with different poses on them. All I know is that my body doesn't want to bend the way these people expect it to. I realize it is a matter of time but right now I have to sit down to tie my shoes! I have let myself slide more in the last year and a half than I ever have.

So this is it: Today I have started my physical health in a positive uphill direction. How I am going to work tomorrow standing on one leg with the other behind my head I haven't figured out yet.

I haven't watched the news in a few days and have been keeping my TV on the soundscapes music channel in my room and the world seems to be at peace.

I bought a ticket to go to Maine with Sandi and Thane. Sandi's sister Stefani and her partner Tim are going to be there as well. We are going to go visit Sandi and Stef's dad (my father-in-law) Chris and help him continue work on his beautiful house on the Kennebeck River. I am rather excited to take a breather from my regular life, even though it hasn't been regular since the 8th of August.

It doesn't really seem like we are as close to winter as we are, I am not ready yet. I have a major concrete project to finish in a very short amount of time. As with all things, I guess it will work out and be fine. I have great resources on which I can rely when I really need them.

Well, I had better try and get some sleep, but not without another amazing Helen Keller quote to ponder.........

I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.



iceberg said...

I think the hardest thing about working out is just getting into a routine. 20/30/40 minutes flys by when get into it...I am in the cardio room every other night...if want some encouragement...come on out...I know I could use the occasional kick in the a##.

granny said...

A good start might be to substitute water for the beer and skip on seconds! The thought of you doing yoga is not pretty.........