Saturday, September 17, 2005

Global Warming!!!!

Thanks to those Republicans and their global warming the ground here is not frozen yet and I am having to walk around in the mud.

Politics...... How wonderful a place would the world be without them? Or would it?

My problem is that I don't really fit into any party. I share some of the values of each party, but disagree with most of the values each party. My wife is a democrat, my parents are republican, I work for an oil company and love the outdoors. That is exactly why I voted for Ralph Nader! Now my wife, parents, and all of the animals in the forest can't blame me for our current situation.

I think my feelings on politics are much like my feelings on religion. I know what I believe but I don't really agree strongly enough with one party/denomination to claim one.

If Al Gore were in office would 9-11 have still happened? How would he have handled it?

If John Kerry were in power would hurricane Katrina have still obliterated the gulf coast? Would the mayor of New Orleans or the Governor of La been blaming the situation on Kerry?

I don't think GW is great either but what is the right answer? Who would Kerry have put in charge of FEMA?

I don't think the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do and I don't know if the people of Iraq are any better off now than they were before, but I heard about a pretty good bumper sticker that says "War never stopped anything except slavery, Nazism, Fascism and Communism." .

That is hard to argue with, but I hate the fact that we have troops over there dying for what seems to be nothing. My wife's cousin was a Marine and was killed in Baghdad in April '04, his dad fought in Vietnam and felt that we need to finish what we went over there to do. I have never experienced war so I don't really think I can sit here and say what we should or shouldn't do, but I hate that our troops are getting killed over there and the only thing that seems to be getting accomplished is that more people hate us.

Anyhow I just got on here to bitch about the mud and throw out another Helen Keller quote that I thought was great:

People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant.

I guess that why I try not to think too much!


friend said...

That is a great quote to go with your post. But saying decision about war is difficult is probably the most accurate thing one can say - and playing partisan games is sad and pathetic. It is not as simple as 'this is always good," and "that is always bad," it is someetimes "this is sa decision that is going to have a lot of good and bad," and are we ready for the cost of such a decision. On 9-11 we were, but is much harder to say.

Anonymous said...

People don't like to think because the conclusion one might come to is that "you are responsible for your own actions, or inactions" this day and age that doesn't seem to be an option, as it is always someone else's fault!

Nader believes that a person should own no more land than what his house sits on.......didn't know you were in that area of thought.........