Friday, September 09, 2005

Beautiful British Columbia

We arrived Prince George last night about 10:30 pm. The first hotel coming into town is only eight months old and is a hotel/casino. We stayed here because they have a pool with a water slide, and I was ready for some instant sleep. I was talking to one of the hotel employees this morning and he said that they are planning an addition to the hotel already. Apparently Prince George is going through the same growth boom as everywhere else I have been lately.

The trip is going well so far. The biggest difference I have noticed is that there isn't much difference between the US and Canada these days. The exchange rate isn't near as beneficial as it used to be (for those of us from the US anyhow). The gas in Canada used to be much higher than in the US but the difference is about as minimal as the exchange rate with our latest gas prices.

Well I have a monkey that I need to get off of the drapes and down to the pool, so until next time.......


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