Wednesday, September 07, 2005

80 Degrees in the Pacific Northwest is so heavenly......

We made it to Washington around 7pm, it was about 22.5 hours total from Phoenix but the trip computer which only logs the time the van is on said 22 hours and 10 minutes. That was to go from Jim and Kay's in Tempe to Brad and Tiffani's in Scottsdale, then to LA, then Sacramento, then Portland Airport to get Chris' truck, and finally up to Longview, Wa.
I am losing my faithful Copilot and won't gain another one until tomorrow morning in Seattle. Sandi gets in at 7am with Thane then we'll head for Alaska.

When we left Phoenix last night at 8:30 pm it was still over 100 degrees F. When the sun came up this morning it was 90 degrees everywhere we stopped until Washington where it was a cool 80.

Until next time........

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