Saturday, February 28, 2009


So here I am stuck at work and now we get two feet of snow at home! Well maybe we'll get another three feet or so before I get back to make up for missing this latest dumping. Sandi isn't too excited about it but hey, this is my favorite month of the year and I spent all of last March in Algeria. I would like a huge dumping of snow so I can make up for lost time from last year.

On another note Ryan sent me the pictures that he took on our ride last week and I thought a few were worth posting.

Stopping for a little water on the way up Peters Creek Valley

I burnt up a belt on the way up the valley so I had to change it before things got ugly.

Finally! Someone took a picture of me actually moving. Usually nobody else has their camera with them.

So much for the moving part...
In reality I just got stuck on the near side creek bank and it was easier to just roll my machine all the way over than it would have been to dig it out. Ryan had to get a picture of it upside down though.

My tracks right before I got stuck. What a storybook photo though.
Well until next weeks adventures...


Anonymous said...

Sorry about you missing the snow this week. Now just a little mother-in-law nagging. I just read in our paper today that four of five snowmobilers were killed in an avalanch near Jackson, Wyo this past week so please be VERY CAREFUl. I don't want anything bad to happen to my favortive son-in-law. Love, Jane

margmor said...

Wow! I have never seen the under-side of a snowmachine! It's kinda scary lookin'. Now listen to your mother-in-law!!!
PS, take our snow. Please!