Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it just me?

I was just reading my own blog from January of 2008 and this time last year I was praying for a little sun in the Sahara Desert and now I am praying for a little snow in Alaska in January. Is it me am I cursed? What the heck is going on; I go to the desert and I can't get sun, it just rained the whole time. Now I'm at home and it rained all last week and we can't get any snow; what is going on???

I went for a ride today and all of our swamps are completely devoid of any snow. I was literally riding across muskeg (tundra) and brush because the swamps have no snow and the lakes and roads are glare ice. About fifteen miles up the road there is about two inches of new (soft) snow but that is it. I did manage to get two pictures while I was riding today; one is of my new snowmachine and the other is looking back down the valley.


Gran said...

Hmmm, maybe it is just you Tyson.

mom said...

Dozer is not retarded! He acts the way he does because of the company he keeps on week-end adventures.........
Glad you and Clay had a fun trip.
It is snowing, snowing, snowing! Don't know how much but if it doesn't blow away you should have more than enough for a ride or two.
Glad you updated your blog.

s said...

hahaha! BOTH my mom AND my mom-in-law are so witty and scathing to my poor husband who is so suffering this lack of snow! Or, oh wait, it's ME suffering from his suffering of lack of snow. I forgot.