Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Pictures....

Since I haven't posted any pictures in awhile here are a bunch from our summer.They aren't in any particular order because it is pretty hard to organize pictures when uploading them to blogger. All of the pictures are either our spring/summer at home, which included Thane's sixth birthday party, winning the first annual Willow 4th of July Pet Costume Contest, a trip to Homer, and our our trip to Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming, for my Dad's family reunion and Sandi's Grandfather's 90th birthday. Although they aren't in order, each has an explanation.

We spent two days in Gunnison with Sandi's friend Becky Barkman. Becky has horses and sled dogs. She spends the winters giving sled dog tours and the summers playing with horses. The small structure in the background is a straw bale guest cottage that we stayed in. It is a very cool structure.

Becky and Sandi talking about horses I'm sure...

Thane on the way from Durango to Silverton.

When we were in Silverton Thane wanted to go to the mining museum. Here he is sitting at a really old school desk.

The door to the Silverton Jail. The Sheriff and his family lived downstairs and the prisoners were kept upstairs. I bet his family didn't sleep too easy.

Thane in front of an ore bucket.

While we were wandering around Silverton we stopped at a shop called Weathertop Wovens. The shop is owned and run by Gary Davis and his wife Linda. We must have spent at least half an hour in their shop while Gary taught us how they weave all of their own fabric . The shirt he is wearing was just woven and made the day before! It is pretty amazing to watch someone take a bunch of spools of cotton and turn them into a whole sheet of fabric. While Gary was teaching us how they make their fabric, Linda was sewing a beautiful purple shawl. Their products are amazing and all of their fabric colors are made from color combinations they find in nature.

This was our day trip to White Sands National Park. We took sleds and all had fun sledding down the dunes. We had a competition to see who could make it the farthest. I ended up beating Sydney for the title but only by a few inches.

Thane in the pool in Las Cruces. His swimming has improved tons since he got his goggles.

After his swim he decided to work on his tan.

Sandi wasn't there for our first trip to White sands so a bunch of us went for a night trip. There was a lightning storm in the distance both to the north and south. It was amazing. My mom is in a wheelchair and couldn't see the sunset and lightning sitting by the car between two dunes so I carried her to the top of the dune to take in the view. Luckily it was a lot smaller than the ones I was climbing in Algeria or I might have had a stroke.

Sandi and Thane at the peak of Molas Pass between Durango and Silverton.

This is the Miracle Staircase in the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. It is an amazing feat of carpentry that made a spiral staircase that is completely unsupported. Thane didn't want to leave, he was really impressed with the whole chapel. This chapel was the first Gothic style building west of the Mississippi River. It reminded me a lot of the churches I saw in Italy.

My cousin Rob is a police officer for the Las Cruces PD and was a hit with all of the kids at the family reunion. He let them all turn on the lights and sirens on his patrol car. All of the kids were much more impressed than the neighbors.

My Aunt Shirley, Dad, Aunt Jean, Uncle Buddy, and Aunt Kay with the Organ mountains in the background.

The view from the top of one of the dunes at White Sands.

Sandi, Thane and Barley (our Australian Shepard) in Homer before we went on our trip.

Homer is set in one of the most beautiful locations in Alaska.

A public checker board in Santa Fe.

The front door of the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe.

The alter in Loretto Chapel, very European.

In early June we had a cow moose get into Sandi's arena. I tried to get Sandi to saddle her up but the moose was a little wound up since she had a calf with her. She ended up jumping the fence rail to get out.

All of my parents grandchildren in one place.

This is Aubrey, my sister TJ's little girl. Thane loves to read to her and she really likes it.

We got Thane a bike in May and this picture was when he was first learning. Now he is riding all over and always on the go.

Along with his bike Thane is working on becoming a good horseman. I bet it won't be too long until he is jumping on both a horse and bike.

I was sitting with all three of my aunts and Thane came in and sat down. I was explaining to him that my Dad has three sisters just like I do, and just like him I have three aunts that are all sisters. Then I realized that all three of my sisters were in the room also, so we decided to take a picture. Here is Thane with me and all three of my sisters and my Dad and all three of his sisters. Rachelle is behind my Aunt Shirley, TJ is behind my Aunt Jean, and Jana is behind my Aunt Kay and my Dad is hiding in back.

The top of the dune at White Sands. I was very happy at this point that it wasn't any higher.

Sandi, myself, Mom, TJ, and my cousin Becky on top of the dune.

Me and my parents. It looks more like snow than sand.

I was wondering if we were going to make it back down without me passing out.

On the 4th of July we went to the local parade which is pretty small by most standards. Afterwards we went to the community center for kids games and hamburgers. While we were there I saw this reporter and her camera man from the local NBC News in Anchorage and I was harassing them about not having too much to cover since they were in Willow for the 4th of July. It turns out that they had come out to cover a pet costume contest. I decided why not go home and grab an alpaca and throw something on him just to make a showing. On the way home I came up with the perfect costume. I think I can honestly say that Sue our white alpaca is probably the only alpaca on the planet that has ever worn a rescue life vest, spray skirt and kayak helmet. It turns out that we won the whole contest! I felt a little bad since some of the people put a lot of effort into their animals costumes but it was too funny not to do.

Sue in the camper van on the way to the contest. He wasn't too excited about the whole experience.

Thane with Sue's ribbon.

Sue before the judging; he got over his fear of the camera pretty fast and was signing autographs right after the awards.

Thane's pony Red.

He likes the attention and doesn't mind a little modeling.

Little Miss Aubrey likes to model too! Ever seen a Valdez Heli Ski Guides hat look that cute on anyone else?

A little swimwear modeling.

Thane in a gallery in Santa Fe.

Sandi (on the right) and her cousin Paige.

Baby Hayden

Sandi's sister Stefani and her husband were the only ones that didn't make Jims 90th birthday because Hayden arrived a short time before the celebration and he wasn't up for the drive to Cheyenne.

After Thane's birthday he had two of his friends spend the night and the next day we went to Talkeetna for Moose Dropping Festival. This is what happens when you combine boys with cotton candy and rain.

Grandpa Jim at the park.

Thane and Rachelle in Santa Fe.

Thane and a couple of sleepy Santa Fe bears.

Thane unwrapping his loot at his 6th birthday party.

The presents just kept stacking up. Luckily the weather cooperated with us and the day turned out pretty nice.

This is Tumbler, he is our new livestock guardian dog. He is a four month old Maremma. I think he is going to be pretty big.

Tumbler lives with the horses and alpacas and has a doggie door into the little barn.

Thane did a little rock climbing at Moose Dropping.

Right before I came back to work TJ and Aubry, Thane and I, and a couple of friends hiked down to the creek. This is the first time in years that I have been down there without a kayak. I'd rather paddle down the creek than hike back up the hill. This is the last waterfall at the bottom of a class V box canyon that starts about a mile upstream.

TJ and Aubrey.

Thane and I.

This is my favorite spot on the creek.

We went to the Denver Zoo the day we flew home from Colorado. We made it about an hour and a half before they closed so the elephants were heading in for dinner when we made it to see them.

Eklutna Lake the night we flew home. This is at 1 am in early July, note Denali and Foraker in the distance.

Thane was a trooper at 2am as we rode the shuttle to the parking lot.

This was a wasp I saw eating a catipillar. I tried to get a close up but I am alergic to bee stings so I figured it wasn't worth risking death no matter how cool it looked.

An 11pm sunset on one of the last non-rainy days this summer.

Tim and Hayden. Thane says that Hayden looks just like Tim without the glasses and beard.

Thane and his Great Grandpa Jim. I really like that they get to spend time together every summer.

A peacock that took an interest in me at the Denver Zoo.

I'm pretty sure this was the elusive two humped rasta camel.

The peacocks liked Thane too.

In Casper Wyoming we stopped at a gas station next to a restraunt that had all of these dinosaurs out front. Thane loved them.

NEVER put your head in the mouth of a T Rex!

Baby boy and baby tricerratops.

Hanging out with a stegasoraus.

TJ and Aubrey on our hike to the creek.


Anonymous said...

what fun to see all these pictures. Thanks for sharing. It looks like you guys have had a fun summer!

Nancy said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. The picture of you and your Mom on top of the sand dune is precious....and the costumed, that's creative!