Thursday, January 10, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my Mother's 60th birthday!!! I guess that means I'm not 22 anymore either.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for her) most everyone is gone for her big day. Dad is at work, Rick and Jeff are both at work, and I'm in Africa. I heard that TJ was pretty sick so she was staying at Mom's. I guess she might be the only one to give Mom a present, unfortunately it's a virus.
The option of throwing a huge surprise 60th birthday party wasn't really considered by anyone due to how Dad's surprise 60th party went. We planned a big party about a week before his birthday because both he and I were going to be at work on the big day. So we invited a whole bunch of people and planned a big party. A couple of days before the party he decided to have an aortic aneurysm and almost die on us. After a few weeks in the hospital he made it home ok but I think all of us (especially him) could have lived without the experience. So due to the effect of Dad's surprise 60th birthday party, I don't think anyone wanted to curse Mom with the same potential effects.

So instead of a big surprise party all she get is this lousy Happy Birthday message posted on my blog (and maybe an averted aneurysm).


Ted said...

Hey Tybo,
I called your Mother and wished her happy birthday. She's as feisty as ever. Word on the street is that aneurysms are afraid of her. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to your dad to have all the fun and a helicopter ride to boot!!
Thanks for calling at 2am and almost giving me a heart attack! Really tho, I do appreciate the thought and thank you for the call.
I guess now everyone knows I'm not 40 anymore--ya' think?
Have really enjoyed the blog, please keep it up--daily, like it says.........
Sandi made Cantwell fine and in good time considering the weather and SNOW....had her call on the way up to make sure she got there without problems--too cold out to be stuck somewhere between here and there....
have fun, keep writing and thanks for the birthday wishes.........