Monday, November 26, 2007

Groundhogs Day......

This trip makes Bill Murray's stay in Puxatony, Pa look meager. Every day here feels the exact same. Imagine in a period of six weeks not leaving a one mile radius. If it weren't for this giant sand dune and a Swiss-German Engineer from Texas (that is a whole different story, talk about a messed up accent!) to talk to I'd be bored to tears. This project is going really slow and things aren't too exciting at this point. The last few weeks have been pretty busy until about four days ago when the project hit a snag. Hopefully by Thursday we will have our parts that are being hand carried from Italy (the second time in ten days) and can get moving again.

Yesterday we went for a ride out around the facility so here are a few pictures from the back of the dune.

Hans and I, the wind was really whipping between these two dunes.

The electricians truck.

Yet another really cool dune shot.

About three nights ago we had a lightening storm come through and it rained all night. The dunes take on a darker color and the rain makes the sand hard for a few days. I've been climbing the dune almost every day at lunch, it's easier to walk on the flat after a rain but it makes the inclines much harder. I have noticed a big difference each time I hike up though. The first few times I thought I was going to pass out due to lack of oxygen but now I can get to the top without stopping for an oxygen break. Unfortunately I'm not losing any weight because even though the food is not what I am used to I still eat too much.
Here is a picture of the dune after the rain.

Here are three pictures two days after the storm, the clouds are still hanging low.

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