Monday, November 05, 2007

Dunes and more dunes....

On Sunday the Chief of Security (Peter) took me for a drive in his Land Cruiser out through the dunes. We just took off through the sand and just drove. The terrain here is the same as it is at home in the winter when you get above treeline. The sand is also very similar to snow. The wind can form large sand cornices on the ridges and depending on the wind patterns the sand can go from hard to soft instantly. After we got out a ways Peter let me drive, I got stuck going up the first hill! These Toyotas are all diesel and when driving through the sand you really have to keep your rpm's high. I made the mistake of shifting from second into third and just kind of sank into the sand. Even though the tires were barely sunk in the sand we weren't moving. Peter got us out and got us to a high spot and let me try it again. This time I never shifted higher than second gear and kept the rpm's between 3 and 4k and drove through valleys and side hills finding a way through the dunes. It is just like where we ride snowmachines but it is a little more difficult when you are in a 4wd vehicle instead of on a 3' wide snowmachine. It was a kick.

Here are a few more pictures.

A nice whispy Sahara cloud.

If only I had a sandboard. These dunes would be a kick to carve some turns in.

Proof I was actually here!

This is Peter and he is THE man, and knows everything that happens at this site.

A Sunday afternoon drive.

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Anonymous said...

quick question.... Have you had any problems w/ scorpions??? The picture w/ you at the top of the dune is great... They are all great... All the kids are asleep so I am able to read all of your blogs... Never really cared for school before.... but when all the kids are use to waking up @ 7am they tend to go to bed a few hours earlier... Which means... Mommy can have a little while to collect her sanity~)... Well, I think I am off to bed.. We are going to ma's tomorrow to have her b-day dinner... Since TJ was so sick the other day we put it off til tomorrow.. Wish you were home.. You would love the dessert I got...

I spoke w/ Rick... It is -45 and the wind is starting to blow.... It was -42 w/ no wind on wed & thur.... Ok... I am off to bed now!!! Love Ya, Jana