Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Whose stupid idea was this?

I asked Sandi (my wife) this while we were finishing the tenons on queen posts for the timberframe barn we are building this summer. In the last ten weeks I have had seven weeks off of work and worked on this timberframe all but about five days of it. So as my hands (and body) ached from chiseling all day, I was wondering how good of an idea this whole thing was to begin with. My father-in-law helped me for a week in May and I flew a timberframer up from Maine up for two weeks in June to help and without that I don’t know how long this project would have taken. As it stands we are shooting for a timberframe raising the first week of September. We have a few more sticks of wood to finish the joinery on and then it all needs to be sanded and oiled and that’s it. Simple.

Here are a few pictures of our wood pile so far. Everyone asks if this is a kit, the answer is no. All of the timbers arrive in the dimensions ordered without any joinery or markings on them.

8x16x30 Girts to clearspan the woodshop, these aren't light!

Things are stacking up, slowly but surely.

A few rafter tails in the sun.

Anyone want to come sand these timbers?

Purlins for the roof, the joint is a dovetail.

Tenons on the end of the connectors.

Thane ready to go to work.

Teaching Thane how to put a square hole in a timber.

Don't anyone tell Thane about child labor laws or OSHA that I'm breaking them!

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