Saturday, March 17, 2007

Talkeetna Mountains 3/17/07

On Saturday, TJ, Jeff, Clay and Myself headed out on a trek a few minutes from home. Here is where we ended up. By the end of the day I had 90 miles on my odometer and an empty gas tank and can. It was a spectacular day, but we sure could use a foot or six of fresh snow!

Clay with a nice backdrop.

TJ and Jeff enjoying the sun.

Jeff proving that he could get stuck too.

Beautiful untouched and untouchable terrain.

The valley making it untouchable.

Jeff coming over a pass.

My 600 RMK, I am very happy with this sled.

If you look real hard at the two specs on the valley floor you'll see TJ and Clay.

Clay highmarking.

A nice bowl; note Clay's tracks up the right side.


Jana said...

That is some beautiful backcountry! Would love to go and see that!!! You and Clay are crazy on the highmarkings!!
Have fun while you still can with what snow there is!!!
Your other little sister!

Tammy Barber said...

I was up that way yesterday too. What a beautiful Day to be alive!!! Riding is awesome!