Friday, August 18, 2006

Bad scheduling....

I just seem to be just a bit off with my schedule. Usually I get lucky with my 2 week on (at work) and 2 week off (at home) schedule and catch the best weather. Not this year! I missed the week of 80 degree weather we had in May that was totally unseasonable, and now I am missing the monsoon season. Most people would want to miss out on the rain but if I had my choice I'd rather be home for the torrential down pour than the constant drizzle we've had every time I've been home. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense so let me explain.

DRIZZLE= not much precipitation, not fun to work in, not great to play in
TORRENTIAL DOWN POUR= tons of precipitation= lots of run off= increased river levels= GREAT KAYAKING

These pictures are last summer on the Little Susitna River at a flow of 1200 Cubic Feet per Second (CFS). Right now this same little river is at flood stage and is running 4810 CFS and peaked at over 8000 CFS. Willow Creek is the creek I live on (well close to) and it is at flood stage- 5680 CFS. Normally it is around 700 to 1200 CFS right now. Last time I was home all of the river levels were too low to really paddle. It didn't rain enough to bring them up enough to paddle. Now I'm stuck here and everything is completely flooding.
Damn the bad luck!



Hi Tyson, I'm putting a blog together and came across yours. Maybe we can exchange ideas. I'm putting a link on my blog to yours.

All the best in your efforts.

Louis Boileau said...

Hi Tyson, Nice blog and I like "your take on life". You do nice work. My brother Dan is also a timber framer. I'll be looking back in here from time to time so I hope you keep posting. Say hello to Thane.