Friday, July 21, 2006

Alaska Summer

Global warming my rear!
This summer has been quite cool in comparison to the last few that we have had, I can't complain though because it is still summer after all. Now it is almost September and the rainy season is here (still). It is kind of funny, I am hoping to get another four to six weeks before it snows and in the Lower 48 everyone is having record a heat wave!

Our '06 construction season (summer)got off to a busy start. In June we cleared a nice spot in the woods for the shop/barn and in July we poured 50 yards of colored concrete into several slabs. The largest of them is a 40x48' slab with radiant floor heating in it for the shop/barn. The other thick slab is a 10x20 gazebo/pavilion, and we had enough to pour a 6x12x6" slab for Sandi a greenhouse.
All of the concrete was colored (Davis Concrete Color-Mesa Buff) a tan color but after it is finished it looks like a light mocha color. I put different kinds of aggregates in the pavilion slab and then ground it down just like I do with the concrete countertops that I make. It has a sand color to the concrete and lots of color with the different stones and looks like a countertop.

We raised the lawn pavilion in August and just need to get a roof on it before it snows. The plan is to add an outdoor fireplace in the pavilion for those days we need a little cover and a nice fire.

More construction photos to follow......


Anonymous said...

Pete -

You are really slacking on the blog. You can't write once ever 6 months and expect too much traffic!!! Nice frikin gazebo by the way.

Tyson said...

I'll try to do better!